“Thanks for your assistance on structural projects. I appreciate your willingness to make changes as needed and recommendations to improve our testing system. Good welding and work ethic make it easy to make these improvements.”

– Paul Lemens, Sr. Principal Engineer, Modine Mfg.

“Project after project the Brenner Corporation has gone above and beyond their contract responsibilities to ensure a successful completion of the building mechanical system. It is not uncommon to discover the above ceiling space drawn does not accommodate the space requirements of the mechanical duck work plan. Terry and his team understands the complexities of the system and are able to offer suggestions and changes to fit the mechanical systems into the designed spaces with minor impacts to the overall project. As a General Contractor, I am confident that Brenner will deliver a mechanical system that is completed on time, within budget and to our high quality standards. All of your employees understand the team concepts and embrace it. VJS appreciates everything Brenner does to make the project successful. ”

– Rick Zimmerman, Project Manager, VJS Construction Services, Inc.

“I’ve found that it’s not so much the company as the individuals within the company that I have developed a professional relationship with that determine the level of service, the quality of work and the number of change orders.”

– Milwaukee Public Schools, Facilities and Maintenance

“I’ve had positive experiences with Brenner. I have worked with Brenner’s people, both the guys on the construction site and from the office. The field guys are competent and cooperative but I’d expect that out of their services. As for the individuals in the office, they are very professional, fair about change orders and assisted MPS to resolve conflicts.”

– Milwaukee Public Schools, Facilities and Maintenance

“Terry was knowledgeable and very easy to work with. Brenner offered practical solutions when issues needed to be resolved. Worked well with all individuals on the project (owner, architect, consultant, and school staff). The schedule was met and when necessary, the labor was adjusted to keep up with other trades or to complete an area in an effort to accelerate the schedule. Overall, I was very pleased with Brenner’s performance. As an owner, I hope Brenner continues to bid our work. I would recommend your firm.”

– Milwaukee Public Schools, Facilities and Maintenance